Effective People Management & Interpersonal Skills

Course Overview

Have you asked yourself any of these questions –

  1. I’m technically stronger than my peer, then why didn’t I get that promotion?
  2. Why am I NOT heard! Why don’t my opinions matter?
  3. Why do my team mates avoid me?
  4. Why do I feel stuck even after putting in all that hard work?
  5. Why am I not able to bring about the work-life balance?

If yes, then this course will help you find the answers to the above questions.

With self-awareness as the foundation, this course will guide you through some simple yet effective steps that
would help turn your life around and level up your interpersonal skills and relationships.

It will help you first understand the WHY interpersonal skills are vital, the obstacles that hinder in building
good relationships and methods to bridge this gap.

Who can take this course?

This course is meant for those who:

  • Are working professionals/Entrepreneurs/Students/Non-working
  • Who interact with fellow humans at work, home or on the road.
  • Want to take that first step to better their relationships with peers, friends, family or new contacts.
  • Aims to move up the ladder in their professional and personal life.
  • Take action and not procrastinate.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

    • Understand the need for effective interpersonal skills. (The WHY).
    • Be more self-aware of your behaviour and some corrective actions.
    • Identify and articulate the obstacles that are affecting your relationships at work, home and play.
    • Understand and identify the solutions to remove these obstacles from your lifestyle.
    • Take that first step towards your career growth from a wholistic point of view.

Course Introduction
Barriers in building the Interpersonal Bridge
First step in Transformation – ‘Self Awareness’
Activity: Interpersonal skills – Real life scenarios Worksheet
Effective Solutions to build a Strong Interpersonal Bridge
Additional Reading: Lack of Accountability and Ownership leading to Interpersonal Conflicts
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