Emotional Intelligence for Working Professionals

Course Overview

With every other task being automated day by day, professionals must possess that one skill that robots cannot replicate any time soon. The way you handle a pressure situation, how you communicate with other human beings or provide some creative ideas that can make the company grow.

A computer can crunch numbers faster than a professional but can never lead a team. In fact, corporations are now looking for emotionally intelligent people to join as professionals rather than the ones with high levels of IQ.

According to the World Economic Forum, emotional intelligence was ranked as one of the top 10 most important workplace skills, when it comes to what workers will need in order to be successful in 2020.

Emotional intelligence is essential when it comes to building a well-balanced life. Emotional intelligence is a crucial and key ingredient of great leadership as well.

So What is Emotional Intelligence and why is it important for working professionals?

In simple words, being emotionally intelligent is to be aware of your feelings and how they affect your work environment. When your emotional quotient is high, you can recognize your mood, better control your impulses and develop a sense of internal motivation to help you excel. You also understand and tend to empathize with other people’s feelings and reactions and manage professional relationships better. The overall effect is that high EQ makes you the employee of the hour as you are driven to get the work done with minimal external motivation.

Who can take this course?

This course is meant for those who:

  •   Are working professionals/corporate employees
  •   Are looking to understand the concept of Emotional Intelligence
  •   Are looking forward to learn ways to deal with emotions
  •   Are looking forward to climb up the leadership ladder in their organization
  •   Are looking forward to lead a happy and productive life

Learning Objectives:

 At the end of this course, you will be able to learn

  •   What are Emotions and their role in day to day life
  •   What is Emotional Intelligence
  •   Role of Emotional Intelligence in the life of a working professional
  •   Self Awareness the foundation of personal and professional success for a professional
  •   Mindfulness – a self regulation technique for a super happy and productive life

Emotional Intelligence at Workplace – A Critical Skill
Know your trainer
A very common and everyday story
Are emotions important?
Let’s dig deeper to understand Emotional Intelligence
Life of a corporate professional
Technique 1 – Raising Self-Awareness
Technique 2-Mindfulness
Activity: Emotional Intelligence – Is the glass half full?
Additional Reading: Importance of Emotional Intelligence at the workplace
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