Goal Setting during Tough Times

Course Overview

Have you ever boarded a taxi without knowing where to go?
Have you started off on a long car drive by yourself, without a clear destination in mind?
In both cases, you may reach somewhere but that would be at the cost of wasted time, resources and energy. Living without setting goals is quite similar. Without goals, we could lack the energy to carry on working hard at what we’re doing, and we will rarely experience a sense of achievement. And especially during tough times, when the mind is cluttered and unfocused, a goal aids in bringing back the focus.
On the flip side, we understand that goal setting takes time, and effort and sometimes we may feel lost if the goal doesn’t match our personal or professional aspirations. At times, the goal might not be challenging enough and at times it would be very challenging. This can lead to demotivation as well. This goal-setting tool kit supports, guides and challenges you in creating goals that excite and energize you.

Who can take this course?

This course has been designed for everyone and in particular for:

  • Are working professionals/Entrepreneurs/Students/Non-working
  • Have a goal in life and would like to reach there.
  • Want to take that first step towards self-improvement and self-development
  • Aims to move up the ladder in their professional and personal life.  
  • Take action and not procrastinate.

Learning Objectives:

This course will help you learn and understand:

  • Understand the need for goal settings during tough times.
  • Be able to correlate the impact of goal settings and the mind.
  • Identify and set goals that fall under your learning zone.
  • Demonstrate setting SMARTER goals.

Activity: Pre-course Assessment
8 questions
Brain Science behind goal setting
THE BALANCE between Comfort zone and Panic Zone
Practical Approach to Goal Setting
Setting SMARTER Goals
Additional Reading: Goal Setting Toolkit – Part 1
Additional Reading: Goal Setting Toolkit – Part 2
Activity: Post-course Assessment
13 questions

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