Professional Bio:

Ananya is a graduate from Stella Maris Autonomous College, Chennai. She is a certified NLP Practitioner, Tsunami Survivor, Emotional Intelligence Coach, Corporate trainer and Keynote Speaker about Mindfulness. A Co-Author of Being Employable and Rise and Shine. She after having affected by Tsunami, was caught up like anyone, until she felt devasted in 2012 when she realised the immensity of life.
After surviving from Tsunami, where she witnessed 100s of people being washed away like toys. As a result of her beliefs during the incident, she had a break from her family and reunited with them after a period of 1.5 years. It taught her to be mindful of her thoughts and emotions at work and at home and stay calm until everything falls in place.
Ananya is working with Executive Leaders and Professionals to help them become mindful of their thoughts and emotions in order to become resilient.
Ananya’s regular practice includes Hatha Yoga and Meditation.

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