Professional Bio:

Ms Nandita Trivedi is a Life Coach and Counseling Psychologist with work experience of 15+ years. She has Diploma Course in Guidance and Counseling, NCERT; she has done her Masters in Psychology from Jiwaji University, Masters in Business Administration EIILM University and double graduation in Humanities and Law from Jiwaji University.
She works to transform individuals to make a positive influence in the world and generate awareness for Emotional & Mental well-being; Life Skills & Relationship Management & facilitate to development of emotional intelligence and life skills through personal coaching and psycho-education.
She coaches to hone Life Skills & do counselling for emotional and mental wellbeing which contribute to 360° Personality Development. She helps individuals to not only become employable but also enable them to survive and sustain in personal & professional life with a creative, innovative, & positive mindset.
She caters to manifest knowledge & wisdom by removing the obstacles & by generating self-awareness to unfold individual’s potentials and develop the balanced mindset to convert into positive think tanks through innovative mind leads to an idea of realization.
She provides provide challenging holistic values-based coaching & counselling with an emphasis on psycho-education and upon academic achievements, relationship building, environmental stewardship, teamwork & leadership by encouraging participation which sharpens the individual’s talents.
She also plans, organizes and conducts seminars, workshops, individual coaching & psychological counselling.

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