Professional Bio:

A Counselling Psychologist, who is also certified as a Life & Career Coach, Nidhi is a catalyst, who is your growth accelerator and turns your spark into a fire.
Nidhi is convinced that “We are not our behaviour” and hence this behaviour can be modified and changed to achieve a fulfilling life.
Personal and Professional transformations are possible when we are willing to expand our maps and become willing to explore territories far and beyond.
Her endeavour is to chart the uncharted territories that allow her clients and her to be better than their best and take their lives from Good to Great.
She is passionate to work with people to achieve greater satisfaction in their lives through Solution Oriented and Thought Transformational counselling and life coaching. Nidhi works to establish renewed self-confidence and instil a belief that we can take our lives from Good to Great if we so desire.
Multiple time marathoner, Nidhi enjoys outdoor sports, draws inspiration from mythology and tutors Masters’ students of psychology.
As an advertising professional with 14 years of experience, she has worked with market leaders such as Ogilvy, Jagran Solutions, Candid Marketing, Milestone Entertainment and India Today. In 2010, Nidhi switched her career path and since then has been successfully practising, armed with a Master’s in Counselling Psychology, Certificated as a Life & Career Coach, Image Consultant, Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner for the last 11 years.
In this endeavour, in the past years, she has conducted over 450 pieces of training, trained over 1000 people and worked with more than 50 organisations. Nidhi has counselled and coached over 200 people, being age agnostic to include youngsters and senior management.
Her forte is Behaviour Transformations, Personal Development and Growth Mindset.

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