Professional Bio:

Pramod is a certified behavioural counsellor and trainer in digital & soft skills, along with 20+ years of professional experience in the training industry. He strives to reach out to as many individuals as possible in order to help them define life goals, enhance skills, have a flourishing careers, and lead an affluent life while enjoying success in every sphere.
Being an expert trainer in computer skills, digital marketing and soft skills, via his computer training institute for over two decades, he is highly enthusiastic about sharing what he knows with the youngsters of today’s generation. He has created a digital platform to interact, communicate and guide them while sharing useful and practical information via blogs, webinars, videos, and training sessions.
He intends to focus on online and digital skills, soft skills, and career guidance. He has prior experience in conducting live workshops as well, which are aimed at motivating people to fulfil their goals and realizing true potential. Goals can be personal or career-related – He helps you get there so you can accomplish your dreams. It is his job to empower you with the necessary confidence and drive that lets you traverse the path of success while eradicating any obstacles that might stand in your way.
Having conducted 100+ webinars & 50+ live workshops, and he has trained thousands of people of different age groups across different cities in India. He is extremely eager to share his experience and knowledge with you.

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