Professional Bio:

Shivraj has over 25 years and 1000+ hours of experience as a Communication, Executive and Life Coach, Soft Skills Trainer, Media Educator, Podcaster and Presenter/EMCEE.
A former NDTV journalist and TV anchor, he also brings to the table real-time insight from interviewing people to unearth accounts of courage and strength. Shivraj draws on his own story of discovery at a personal and professional crossroads to fuel his Coaching & Mentoring practice. It is built on the premise; you sometimes need an ally to discover your best version and plan to thrive against any odds.
Shivraj trains individual and institutional clients on public speaking, leadership presence, presentation skills, media handling and crisis, effective communication, professional etiquette, etc., required skills for a smooth transition to the corporate world.
She believes that SELF AWARENESS is the first step towards transformation and interpersonal skills follow close behind to set oneself up in the world today.

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